Courier delivery service «iPOST»

iPOST is Ukrainian innovational courier service that has been operating since 2017. It is based on its own powerful courier online platform that carries out delivery on the principle of crowdsourcing and using its own resource of reliable and responsible couriers.
Based on the results of the popular vote, iPOST won the Best Courier Delivery 2019 nomination.

We carry out delivery for a wide range of business clients, online shops and private persons. We deliver huge amounts of documents, outsize goods, food, flowers, presents, polygraphy etc. fast and on time. Our platform can withstand any peak loads.

Our Clients

Why choose us?

  • full material responsibility
  • fast and timely delivery
  • first-class service
  • unique delivery opportunities and variants
  • responsibility for quality
  • loyal prices

What do you get?

  • Turbo-delivery (30-120 mins) or any convenient time
  • Consequent delivery within a day for reasonable price for each point
  • Cash and non-cash payment ( payment via cards, terminals, Privat24)
  • Option of separating the payment between Sender and Receiver
  • Instant payment on delivery to your iPOST account or bank card
  • Payment on delivery to the settlement account of your company (commission - 1.5%, minimum 5 UAH)
  • Return delivery
  • Buy-out of the required item, delivery to you or your client
  • Easy courier call using web-site, app or phone
  • Automatization of placing orders using API
  • Full delivery online control (Geo-tracking)
  • Couriers work 24/7, call-center works from 9.00 till 21.00
…you will also get competitive advantage, give your clients a new level of service, get rid of work with couriers. Everything is comfortable and profitable! Use iPOST when you feel like without any extra papers.

Now we work in such cities of Ukraine: Cities of presence "iPOST"

Till the end of 2020 iPost is going to operate in 295 Ukrainian cities.

If you have more than 100 deliveries per month and if standard rates are not for you, we can discuss with you individual fixed rates.

Without signing any papers , right now you can test our innovative turbo-delivery service by placing your order on our web-site

Many famous companies tested our service and became our regular partners and clients.

Based on the results of the popular vote, iPOST won the Best Courier Delivery 2019 nomination.
Best Courier Delivery