Courier business delivery

Do you have an online store? Or a chain of restaurants? Do you sell flowers? Or you own a confectionary? Do you urgently need to hand over the documents? Are you in need of somebody who will accurately and quickly carry out the assigned tasks and deliveries, but you don't want to hire an employee in the staff?

Then you will get a number of benefits while using the iPOST platform. Get use of express courier delivery and pay only when you need to.

iPOST is your quick and reliable courier.



  • Turbo-delivery within 30 - 120 mins.
    The time of delivery depends on the distance between the sender and the recipient.

  • Delivery at any convenient time.
    Please, specify time intervals during which it is necessary to take and deliver the shipment.

  • Return shipment.
    Means a delivery up to 3 kg. It may be either the signed documents returned by the sender to a courier or cash for the goods sold. Both money and signed documents, etc.

  • Payment on delivery made to the iPOST account or payment card.
    To the payment card – when the goods are delivered, you instantly receive money on your payment card.

    To the iPOST account – when the goods are delivered, you instantly receive funds on your iPOST account balance. You may withdraw funds from the balance to your payment card or pay for your upcoming deliveries.

  • Payment on delivery to the current account (commission - 1.5%, minimum 5 UAH)
    When placing an order in your personal account for business, you need to select the option “Payment on delivery to current account” and indicate the purpose of payment. Upon completion of delivery, the declared value of goods indicated by you will be transferred to the current account at the details specified by you when registering in your personal account for business.

    Banking commission for payment on delivery to the current account - 1.5%, but at least 5 UAH. This fee will be included in the cost of delivery.

  • Packaging (goods) buyout by a courier.
    The courier may buy the goods out (up to 2000 UAH). To do this, you have to replenish your iPOST account for the amount equal to the buyout. This is necessary to ensure that you will not return the shipment bought out by the courier.

    Besides, you may choose an option for a courier buyout without guarantees. In this case, you do not have to replenish your balance (for it to serve as an insurance amount). In that case, the courier may refuse to take the order from an unverified customer.

  • РCost partitioning between the sender and the recipient
    In the order form you have an opportunity to divide the delivery cost between the sender and the recipient. For example,delivery charges amount to 60 UAH; you have an online store and you want your client to pay for the delivery a fixed sum (50 UAH), then you can specify, that 50 UAH are to be paid by the recipient and 10 UAH - to be paid by sender in cash or via your iPOST account (balance). The iPOST account may be replenished by a bank card or via bank transfer.

  • Step-by-step delivery – several recipients.
    If the orders are not urgent and the clients will be satisfied if the delivery will be made during the day, you can place an order for multiple recipients. It means that you courier will take several shipments at once and deliver them to different destinations. The cost for delivery to multiple places is fixed (the same). Return delivery (documents, money or whatever you need, up to 3 kg) is equal to the amount charged for one delivery destination.

  • Material liability
    The courier's account is blocked for the declared amount of money for the time of delivery and, if your shipment is lost, during three days the declared amount will be recompensed to your balance. However, the iPOST courier will not vanish as he will have to buy the goods out and then will be blocked within the system, having problems with the Ukrainian legislation. The iPOST couriers do take care of their reputation and do their best to deliver everything in time, preserving high level of responsibility.

  • User-friendly app.
    The iPOST app (Google Play or AppStore) provides with the opportunity to easily create, pay and track the orders.

  • Around 1000 couriers available within the system.
    The number of couriers grows each day. They are not just common ones, but IPOSTmen! They are always next to the sender and are ready to pick up the order at any time and instantly carry it out.
    In the near future, the service will be available in all major cities of Ukraine. Sign in on the IPOST. ua website and we will notify you regarding the availability of the service in your city.

  • Track the courier's location on the map.
    In your website or app account, you can track the location of your courier using the map as well as to view his full name, photo and phone number. In addition, in your personal may view the delivery and payment history.

  • Your client always is in touch with the iPOST courier.
    As soon as a courier starts the delivery process, your recipient (your client) is notified via SMS of the information on the full name, phone number, order number within the IPOST system and confirmation code. From now on, you don’t have anything to worry about as they can easily get in contact with each other in case of any questions.

  • Guarantee for the successful delivery is your confirmation code.
    When a courier comes to the recipient, the delivery is deemed to be successful only after the recipient (or the creator of the order) provides the confirmation code, which he/she received in SMS (and if it is the creator of the order, the code is specified in the description of the order mentioned on the website or app ). The confirmation code is an analogue of the recipient signature that confirms his successful receipt of the shipment.

  • Website or online store integration via API.
    If you have tons of orders, but your employees don't manage to place them in the personal account on the website or you just want to get rid of such routine tasks, you may launch the automated processes with the use of our API.

Find out more about tariff in the Tariff Fees section..

If you deliver more than 100 dispatches every month, you can activate an individual fixed tariff with the iPOST managers.

Due to the iPOST platform, be sure that your deliveries will be made a 100 percent quickly, securely and qualitatively.

You don't have to worry about deliveries' deadlines , as IPOST will take care of it, whereas you will have more time for focusing on your business development.

To book courier services (if you don't need make any account payment): you don't need to call anyone, nor make the post orders in advance etc. Just take several minutes to sign in your personal account by filling in a few entries: now you have everything necessary to make your first order.

Once you have tested our work, be sure that we will establish a strong and reliable cooperation for ever!