Courier delivery for your business

Do you have an online store or an offline business? Do you need to urgently deliver goods to a buyer or documents to a partner? For this, you need couriers who will quickly and accurately carry out all your deliveries.

But you don't want to keep them on your staff, because it's unnecessary costs and an additional burden?

Then the iPOST courier service will definitely be useful to you, as it is to hundreds of our customers, small and large companies, market leaders of Ukraine. Use convenient and urgent courier delivery and pay only when you need it.

iPOST is your fast, high-quality and affordable delivery when you need it.

Why businesses choose iPOST courier delivery?

Turbo delivery from 60 minutes

Your cargo around the city will be delivered during this time or when it is convenient for you

from UAH 70

An honest, low price that depends on the complexity of the delivery

100% material responsibility

Full financial responsibility

Purchase of goods by courier

Specify what you need to buy and where.
The courier will quickly buy it and bring it to you


To the current account

Delivery cost distribution

Split the
shipping fee between the sender and the receiver

Delivery to multiple recipients

The courier picks up the shipment from you and delivers it to several points

API integration

Integrate your system with ours for easy delivery creation

Delivery control

Notification of delivery stages, as well as display on the map

Delivery to the door

Delivery exclusively to the door and directly to your hands

7 years on the market

99% positive feedback from order recipients

Quick courier appointment

The courier quickly fulfills your order

Do you have questions or need advice? We will be happy to help you.
To do this, fill out the form below and a manager will contact you shortly.


Media about us

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Delivering during a blackout is a daily challenge. Once an iPOST courier got stuck in an elevator for an hour and a half. Another time, when the courier arrived at the recipient's address, the connection disappeared.

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We are looking for products, pharmacies, volunteers. How the iPOST courier service works under fire

How Fast Delivery iPOST has reengineered all processes to continue to deliver all essential goods even in cities where hostilities are taking place.

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Courier delivery is a lifeline for business

"Fast delivery helps stores sell under quarantine conditions."

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With the help of iPOST, your deliveries will be made quickly, reliably and with high quality.

You no longer have to worry about timely deliveries, iPOST will take care of it, and you can focus more on your business.

To call a courier when you need it, it is not necessary to call somewhere, send an order in advance to the post office, etc.
Just go through a short registration and get your personal account where you can start placing your delivery orders.

In the personal account, there are many convenient features, such as the address book, copying of deliveries, history of deliveries and payments, replenishment of the balance, reviews, etc.
After testing iPOST delivery once, we will be your reliable partner forever!


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