Courier business delivery

Do you have an online store? Or a chain of restaurants? Do you sell flowers? Or you own a confectionary? Do you urgently need to hand over the documents? Are you in need of somebody who will accurately and quickly carry out the assigned tasks and deliveries, but you don't want to hire an employee in the staff?

Then you will get a number of benefits while using the iPOST platform. Get use of express courier delivery and pay only when you need to.

iPOST is your quick and reliable courier.

Why choose iPOST courier delivery?

Turbo delivery within 30 mins

Your purchase will be delivered all over the city
within the specified time or the time that suits you best.

from 60 UAH

Fair, low price, depending on the complexity of delivery.

100% liability

Full liability
for 0.5% of the value of the shipment

Instant cash on delivery

On the card or on the balance.

buyout goods by courier

Indicate what to buy and where.
Courier quickly buy and bring you.

Shipping cost sharing

Distribute payment for
delivery between sender and recipient.


(more than one recipient)

Follow your courier online

Built-in geo-tracking system.
Therefore, you will always see
where your courier is located.

Delivery control

During the whole delivery process,
You will be notified of each stage of it
in real time.

Mass Media about us

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We are looking for products, pharmacies, volunteers. How the iPOST courier service works under shelling

How courier service iPOST rebuilt all processes to deliver the most needed items even in the cities where the fighting is going on.

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Courier delivery - Lifebuoy for business

"Selling shops in quarantine conditions helps fast delivery."

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If you deliver more than 300 dispatches every month, you can activate an individual fixed tariff with the iPOST managers.

Due to the iPOST platform, be sure that your deliveries will be made a 100 percent quickly, securely and qualitatively.

You don't have to worry about deliveries' deadlines , as IPOST will take care of it, whereas you will have more time for focusing on your business development.

To book courier services (if you don't need make any account payment): you don't need to call anyone, nor make the post orders in advance etc. Just take several minutes to sign in your personal account by filling in a few entries: now you have everything necessary to make your first order.

Once you have tested our work, be sure that we will establish a strong and reliable cooperation for ever!



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