How to start working? Very easy!

Install the application

Install the application iPOST WORK (Android) or iPOST WORK (iOS) and register.

Google Play

Pass the test

First you need to go to the "Questions and Answers" section and carefully study how the service works. Then go to the "Take the Test" section (there must be at least 90% correct answers to the questions) and then follow the instructions. The last stage of registration will be the acceptance and passing of the test (virtual) delivery, after which you will receive 1000 points, which will help you take the first deliveries.

Make money!

Congratulations, training and registration is over! Baptism of fire is waiting: take the next real delivery and earn with iPOST!


Income is shown on each delivery. You don’t need to wait for payment for 2 weeks or a month, you receive payment based on the result of each completed delivery.

Freedom of choice

Only you decide how much, when and where to work. But if in the application you set the status "In work", you have a certain responsibility for the receipt of deliveries, as well as quality and timely execution.

Who can become an ipostman?

We invite friendly, neat, responsible, punctual and you must be at least 18 years old. It's you? Then we are on our way! You will also need an iOS or Android smartphone and an internet connection to work.

Ipostmen courier community

Great Service! You can earn money and help people!!!

Edvard09 (Ipostman)
iPOST – is the first online courier platform that connects customers (individuals and legal entities) with couriers.

Customers place orders on the website or in the "iPOST" application, and couriers (ipostmen) fulfill orders that they see in the application iPOST WORK (Android) and in app iPOST WORK (iOS).

Iostman is an independent delivery provider using the iPOST platform, which delivers parcels quickly and efficiently in different cities.

iPOST is a free schedule and an opportunity for a quick and easy part-time job any day and at any time. How it works? The platform collects delivery orders from various online stores, companies and individuals. These orders are displayed in mobile apps iPOST WORK (Android) and iPOST WORK (iOS). The courier can accept the delivery he likes, execute it and immediately receive a reward.

iPOST is not only making money on deliveries, but also an adventure around the city, new places, experience points, promotions, competitions, prizes, and excellent “fitness” for which you will be paid.



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