iPOST is a 100% Ukrainian courier service founded in 2017.

Using the iPOST WORK app, our couriers (we call them iPOSTmen) deliver in 30-120 minutes.

All couriers are carefully selected, trained and tested.

In the iPOST app (available on iOS and Android) and in the personal account on the iPOST.ua website, customers can arrange and control all stages of delivery in real time.

Online stores are integrated with the iPOST platform via API. Among them are networks of well-known grocery supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as online stores with other categories of goods.

The company provides full liability.

List of cities where the service works

List of main partners (business clients)

You can sign up on the website iPOST.ua or iPOST app at Google Play or AppStore.

Registration is optional, but having a personal account you can see the history of deliveries and payments, photo, full name, phone number of the courier, track his location on the map, you can pay from the iPOST balance (from a bank card) and much more.

The cost of delivery depends on several factors:
- distance from the sender to the recipient (the distance is calculated automatically on the website or in the app);
- the declared value of the shipment;
- weight;
- weather conditions;
- time of day when delivery is performed;
- day off/holiday (surcharge to the cost of the order);
- is there a return delivery;

In more detail, with delivery rates, you can always find in the Tariffs section of the website.

If you have more than 300 deliveries per month, contact to us and we will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation

To get started, you need to place an order.

This can be done in three ways:

1. On the iPOST.ua
You can place an order on the main page of the iPOST.ua website without registration or after registering in your personal account. To place an order without registration, you need to click on the "Call a courier " button, fill in all the required fields in the order form and click on the "Call a courier" button at the bottom of the form. You can also register in your personal account, read here how to do it.

After filling in all the information on the order, the cost of delivery will appear with a question mark. By clicking on the sign, you will see a transcript of the price formation. If the cost of the order suits you, click on the "Call a courier" button.

If you still have questions about filling out the order form or any other questions, you can ask them in the chat - iPOST online help.

2.Using the iPOST app(Google Play or AppStore). Download the application, go through a short registration, click on the "Call a courier" button and fill in all the necessary information for delivery.

3. Via API automatically transfer orders, online stores with a large number of orders are integrated with the iPOST platform via API.

1. Cash by sender.

2. . Cash recipient.

3. . Cash by recipient and sender. It is possible to split the shipping cost. If you have an online store and your customers have a fixed shipping cost and, for example, the shipping cost is 70 UAH, you can choose to have 50 UAH. paid by the recipient and 20 UAH. sender.

4. From iPOST account. The iPOST account can be replenished with a bank card by linking it in the "My account" menu item in your personal account or by paying the invoice by bank transfer. An invoice and a contract can be requested by writing to sales@ipost.ua.

5. From the iPOST account and in cash by the sender.

6. From the iPOST account and in cash by the recipient

1. Order with return delivery, up to 3 kg.

This can be a signed document and returned by the courier, replacing a broken device with a new one, choosing the right clothes and returning the one that did not fit.

2.Cash on delivery to the current account.

In this case, the courier gives the goods to your client (recipient), takes from him the cost of the shipment declared by you, and upon completion of the delivery, the money is credited to your current account. This service is only available for a business account.

3. Purchase of goods.

The courier redeems the goods at the checkout for cash or from a bank card, the recipient reimburses the courier for the money by check. You can also pay for the goods redeemed by the courier from your iPOST account, while the balance must be replenished in advance from a bank card.

4.Shipping with multiple recipients.

One sender and multiple recipients.

The courier can redeem the goods for his own money, and you will pay him in a convenient way.

The limit on the amount of redemption in Kyiv, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov - 4000 UAH, in regional centers - 2000 UAH, in the regions - 1000 UAH.

There are three payment options available:

1. Cash recipient.

The courier redeems the goods for cash or from a bank card. The recipient settles with the courier by check.
Before placing an order with a buyout, you need to replenish your iPOST account with the buyout amount.
If the recipient refuses the goods and the sender refuses to accept the goods redeemed by the courier, the amount of the redemption will be debited from your balance (iPOST account).

2. From iPOST account

Before placing an order, you need to fund your iPOST account with a bank card. The courier will redeem for his money. Upon completion of delivery
Your iPOST account will be debited with the ransom amount.

In order to replenish your iPOST account, you must first link a bank card. In your personal account, click on "MY ACCOUNT", "LINK THE CARD".

On the next card verification page, you need to enter the number "1". This means that the WayForPay payment system will block 1 hryvnia on your bank card and unblock it within a few minutes. Thus, the WayForPay system verifies and links your card to your iPOST account. Click the "Confirm" button and your card will be linked to your iPOST account. In order to withdraw money from your iPOST account (from the balance) to your bank card, you need to specify the desired amount for withdrawal in the "Account" - "My account" menu item, in the "Withdraw funds to the card" field and click on the " Bring it out." Money is credited to the card 7 days a week from 09:00 to 21:00.

iPOST couriers can transfer any goods not prohibited by the law of Ukraine for transportation.

Shipping restrictions:

- maximum weight: 100 kg
- maximum dimensions: 50*50*150 cm
- maximum declared value: UAH 20,000.

Tariffs of different dimensions and weights can be found in the Tariffs section.

Any types of weapons (their parts), cartridges for them (their parts); items structurally similar to civil and service weapons; signal, pneumatic, gas weapons, ammunition, cold (including throwing), electroshock devices and spark gaps, as well as the main parts of firearms;

• Special technical means designed to secretly obtain information;

Human organs and (or) tissues, blood and its components;

• Radioactive materials and/or hazardous waste;

• Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, smoking mixtures, potent, radioactive, explosive, caustic, flammable and other dangerous substances;

Poisonous substances that are not precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;

• Poisonous animals and plants;

• Cultural values;

• Precious metals and stones in any form and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of jewelry, accompanied by shipping documents (sales/cash receipt, sales/consignment note);

Waste and scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

• Ores and concentrates of precious metals and raw materials containing precious metals;

• Other things limited in turnover, according to the legislation of Ukraine.

• It is prohibited to send by courier delivery documents, printed and audiovisual materials placed on paper and electronic media pornographic nature.

According to the instructions of the service, the courier undertakes to call and warn the client about being late. If he does not warn and is very late, you and the recipient have the opportunity to leave feedback and put a bad mark on the delivery result. If the rules are violated after the first warning, the courier may be suspended from deliveries by the iPOST service quality department.

The order will be taken by the nearest free courier to the sender.

You can send any quantity. It is also possible to arrange multi-delivery - to several recipients.

The list of cities in which iPOST operates can be found at the link.

In your application or in your personal account on the site, the photo, name and phone number of the courier will be displayed.

For a preliminary conclusion of the contract, please contact the sales department. After the conclusion of the contract at the end of each month, you request an invoice and receive a certificate of completion and a specification.


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